How to draw rebar in autocad

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How to draw rebar in autocad

Collapse Expand search solid. File Overview. Description RebarCAD 3D provides an excellent and comprehensive set of tools to perform the crucial task of placing and detailing reinforcement in a Revit model, staying true to the BIM Building Information Modeling philosophy. We will demonstrate an efficient workflow to start with a structural model, create design reinforcement, and end with a detailed rebar model, fabrication drawings, rebar schedules, and production output files from RebarCAD 3D.

During this class, we will show you how to use Revit software and RebarCAD 3D to prepare a practical arrangement of rebar with laps and splices, stock lengths, and stepped tapers. We will also demonstrate how to produce an annotated 2D fabrication drawing and a Bar Bending Schedule.

Key Learnings Learn how to model the design reinforcement, and enhance and elaborate the rebar model to a practical 3D reinforcement model Learn how to produce 2D fabrication drawings from the 3D model Learn how to prepare bar bending schedules Learn how to prepare production output files for automated rebar fabrication.

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how to draw rebar in autocad

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Share Class Include deeplink.Last year I published a blog post contemplating the value of BIM for Concreteand discussing how the next generation of BIM tools for reinforced concrete are helping our customers in four main ways. I described these BIM-centric concrete benefits as:. I must say that it was great to hear your feedback from my last post, and see that so many of you are as excited by the future of concrete as I am! We hear often that moving to 3D-based rebar design requires more work than traditional drafting.

This is often followed by the complaint that obvious benefits of 3D clash avoidance, accuracy, etc. For Revit we want to bring these two benefits of 2D to 3D together.

how to draw rebar in autocad

You can see this illustrated in this example:. While in the 2D drawings space they can just easily add tags and dimensions to the rebar as a downstream part of the process since rebar is there, placed accurately, already. What then makes a real difference is the accommodation of changes in the BIM process; there is no need to re-model or redraw rebar when that happens.

The below example shows again how changes of concrete object sizes or rebar distribution parameters make all the rebar information adapt to changes and the submittals update instantly.

BIM for reinforced concrete – From 2D to 3D for rebar detailing

Talk about a benefit for the detailers and designers! The ultimate proof of BIM-centric and fully model based reinforcement detailing efficiency can be recognized for projects dealing with complex concrete geometries such as water treatment stations, industrial structures, buildings with complex architecture, etc. Anywhere humans struggle to visualize the 3D structure in their minds when communicating instructions with only 2D drawings.

There are examples where using 2D drawings as layout instructions is nearly impossible. So, what do you think? Are you using a BIM-centric modeling approach for concrete yet? Are you seeing these benefits already? Stay tuned for more on this topic and let me know your thoughts in the comments. Product Line Manager at Autodesk.

Having structural engineering background, Pawel has worked to apply computer software to this domain for around twenty five years. Being with Autodesk for 12 years, he is looking after product strategies for structural authoring and analysis products supporting Steel, Concrete and Precast design to fabrication workflows.

Find him on Twitter piechnikp and LinkedIn. Hi Pawel, thank you for this interesting blog. We use Revit in the Bridge design space, and even though its a bit of a stretch for some of the more complicated geometries, we are still very excited about the advantages of bim. This is to say, they want bars that are to be placed on top of each other in the real world, displayed at an offset to each other on the drawings. I hear the same and find this quite controversial as well.

Some users desire such a behavior but for some this means opening a door for making documents becoming inconsistent with the model data. Drawings are instructions and they should ease the understanding of the rebar layout, so the point is valid to me.

how to draw rebar in autocad

The question is what might be the best way to instruct site workers how to lay out rebar having new tools and new possibilities now. Spatial views with 3D annotations being added which might more naturally be aligned with human perception might be brought as an example. This is worth debating, I think. All rights reserved.

BIM and Beam.Anybody who details Rebar! Fabricators, pre-casters, engineers, contractors and drafting companies, large and small. With over 6, users in 80 countries, RebarCAD has been used on a huge range of projects world-wide.

Over 1, well established North American CAD customers are using 1, RebarCAD licenses to detail, draw, bar list, download production data and guide placing for every conceivable type of reinforced concrete project.

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It fully exploits the stable 2D drawing environment of AutoCAD, tailoring a solution for rebar detailing and bar listing that meets the stringent requirements of the industry. If you are a Detailing Manager you will find it easy to recruit trained and experienced detailers for such an industry standard solution, whilst the level of support, advice and expertise available through our North American based help desk will impress all users.

Pre-cast concrete producers benefit from significant increases in productivity from RebarCAD. The details library can be used to create a catalogue of standard components that can be retrieved and modified to suit any new job in seconds. Powerful editing commands, such as the stretch feature, mean that such standard library details can be modified easily and quickly to suit each new project.

Larger structures such as culverts are a good example of how details can be manipulated to the correct size and a new bar or parts list generated automatically!

Assorted smaller items such as beams, drainage components, etc.

How to draw slab reinforcement details in AutoCAD

In-place producers benefit from many detailing and presentation features found in RebarCAD which present them with the ideal detailing solution. Suitable for all sorts of jobs, RebarCAD drawings show how to place the bars with an automatic placing list and notes field. In complex situations RebarCAD can be used to produce full profile real size views of bars at different scales. RebarCAD can attach up to 5 lines of notes to a single bar call off, more placing information than any other detailing system!

Pre-cast production Pre-cast concrete producers benefit from significant increases in productivity from RebarCAD. In-place production In-place producers benefit from many detailing and presentation features found in RebarCAD which present them with the ideal detailing solution.Insert a new dynamic Rebar.

The command behaves similarly to the standard Polyline command. Just specify the diameter and follow the options at the command line. Arcs and hooks and custom bends are also possible to shape a Rebar with virtually any geometry. Convert a polyline into a Rebar.

Step by Step Video Tutorial How to Create Shop Drawings and Rebar Schedules in Autodesk Revit 2015.

Select the polyline and specify the diameter. Quick draw command for a stirrup shaped Rebar. Specify the diameter, the concrete cover, and the two opposite corners of the rectangular concrete section.

Quick draw command for a crosstie shaped Rebar. Specify the diameter of the crosstie, the diameters of the two bars which are hooked by the crosstie and their center points. Quick draw command for a chair shaped Rebar.

Specify the diameter, the feet length, the body height, the body width and the insertion point. Insert a new sectioned bar. Specify the diameter and the insertion point. Insert a dynamic linear array of sectioned bars.

Specify the diameter, the bar spacing or the number of bars, the start point and the end point.

how to draw rebar in autocad

When stretched, the array of sectioned bars reacts in the following way: - if it's been defined by SPACING, the number of sectioned bars changes to preserve the same spacing. Assign a new Mark number to the selected Rebar.

Select the Rebar to be linked and specify the insertion points. A Mark can be assigned to a group of bars whose geometry is linearly variable in the structure: 1. Calls can be useful to create annotations dynamically linked to Marks. Calls are not considered by AutoRebar for scheduling.

When a mark is modified directly or indirectly by modifying a Rebar Calls gets updated on the fly. Append a straight section to an existing Rebar. Select the Rebar you want to append the section to, and specify the new vertex point. Remove a section from an existing Rebar. Select the section of the Rebar you want to cut.

Edit AutoRebar entities.Rebar detailing software and automatic bar bending schedules. Easy-to-use interface for immediate productivity. With AutoRebar you can now quickly produce high quality drawings by automating the repetitive tasks previously involved in rebar detailing with plain AutoCAD.

You can now focus on the conceptual part of the design rather than having to deal with time-consuming CAD editing work. Rebar objects can be created and stretched like polylines and the bar size quickly edited with a double click.

AutoCAD in Rebar Detailing

Since all AutoRebar entities are graphically connected, a modification to one or more Rebars causes all the linked objects to update automatically.

The great thing is, whenever you modify the concrete shape and stretch the dimension, the total number of bars updates on the fly. This can be useful to deliver your drawing to other users who want to open and edit your drawing without having to install AutoRebar on their computers. Get started with AutoRebar by watching the following introductory video tutorials:.

Some very useful application for structural engineers. The benefit to use app like this instead only pure AutoCAD objects can be feld immediately after first minutes of work. I started to work with it before 2 months and soon will make my first middle size building.

The app is helping a lot. You need to spent some time in order to learn what you can do with it, but once you do that, you will find that it really helps save a lot of time with the drawings. It may cause some Autocad instability but the owner of the app was quick to reply and give a solution. For those who do not have a proper lisp may be useful.

The ods are that it does not add stability to AutoCad, has to be exploded, does not allow different rebar list in the same drawing. My solution was to make the rebar drawing with a formwork external reference, then explode and use the exploded file for plot. All the proscess was heavy and time waisting, and also lead to mistakes.

Dynamic Rebar Detailing

AutoRebar AutoRebar. Digitally signed app. OS: Win32 and Language: English. Screenshots and Videos. Customer Reviews. Mustafa Abdelaal December 18, so good. Pascal Plenevaux November 04, The link to video tutoriel 8 is the same as video tutorial Horacio Gabriel Beiserman October 01, For those who do not have a proper lisp may be useful.

Easy to work and learn. Very fast for small drawings generation. Qty to Purchase. Sub total: USD Buy Now. Add to Wishlist Create a new wishlist. AutoRebar USD View the wishlist Continue exploring. Wishlist name. Create wishlist Cancel. Download Size: 9. Version Info: 2.It is just a little part of Civil Engineering project, where you draw precise reinforcement for concrete walls, beams slabs, columns and other elements. AutoCAD is ideal for this kind of drafting because everything is done in millimeters and there must not be a place for error.

First, you are provided with architectural and structural plans for the object you have to work on, then you find the concrete element that is provided to you with information about its dimensions and what rebar you have to use for it cover, diameters, number of layers, anchorage, laps, gaps and minimum hooks for each diameter.

For instance, when you draw a concrete beam, and you need to start drawing reinforcement for it you need to start from cover, you just have to offset the beam by the thickness of the cover. By using the extend command, you can extend your bar by anchorage, lap or gap. It is the same case for drafting the beam itself, command Rec is used for rectangular beams, and if you have a curved beam you use the Arc command by specifying start point or center of the arc.

When you need to draw stirrups either for beam or column, you just have to draw the first one and use the Array command and specify the space between them. Drawing elevation views or sections and other details was never easier thanks to this software. And this is just for concrete beams, walls are a little different story. When drafting beams you have elevation view and sections in some cases top view or bottom view if your top or bottom bars are not the same lengthsbut when drafting walls you start by drafting two elevations, near face and far face of the wall, then after that comes sections for the side view and top view.

Now that you have your elevations and sections ready you can start drafting your wall main rebar, one, two, three or more layers, depends on wall thickness and his function in construction. Start from elevation view, near and far face they are usually the samedraw the first rebar, horizontal or vertical it depends on the projectand Array them. Your wall is usually built on another wall or a slab, so that means there are starter bars or couplers which go from slab or wall below.

Those bars are in usually drafted grey color, and you just have to continue your bars by lapping them with those starter bars or continue your bars if there are couplers and arraying them. This is all easy, but if you have an opening in your wall things get a little more complicated.

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If you have bigger openings the bars above and below it must be hooked into the wall. Then you have to draw additional bars around openings, horizontal bars, and diagonal bars. This is why we have that section and elevation view just for additional bars around the opening. This is why AutoCAD is best for this job, fast copying of bars and drawing in all that mess is much easier and faster with this software. Then you have slabs, they are very similar to walls.

First, draw slab plan and few sections just to cover all parts. Slab plan is used for drafting top and bottom bars, chair bars, starter bars and other bars. Sections use as details especially in places where the slab changes thickness. And again, if there are openings in slab we must draw additional details for bars that go around that opening.Collapse Expand search solid.

File Overview. Description In this class, you will see firsthand how to generate a parametric 3D rebar cage within a few clicks, save rebar cage templates, and apply them on any new projects.

We will apply all those productive tools on beams, columns, and footings, managing complex geometries such as openings, depressions, and continuous beams.

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We will end the class showing you the last level of rebar automation; embedding the reinforced concrete design of the members within Revit; automating the creation of designed 3D reinforcement cages in Revit; while using standard Revit products to configure automated drawings, views, bar schedules, and comprehensive design reports. Key Learnings Learn how to generate parametric 3D rebar cages in a few clicks Learn how to stop wasting time generating rebar schedules—do it in few seconds Learn how to get quantity takeoff for the entire rebar project Learn how to automate more and generate design-driven rebar cages.

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