How to make a mylar mirror

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How to make a mylar mirror

I'm in Toronto, Canada, and I run dance workshops for kids in many community centers around the city. I'm envisioning 9 6x3 panels on wheels Any suggestions? Thanks J! There are quite a few places that offer potable mirrors They come in panels with wheels so they can roll across floor. Other than that - I don't see you being able to "make" a mirror from scratch. I do remember once time where I visited a studio that did not have mirrors. The class was at night and instead we faced the front of the room where the windows line the whole front and looked at our reflections in the windows.

It was really helpful and didn't cost the studio tons of money for mirrors - however this usually only works at nighttime. Update: Thanks J! Anyone know much about DIY mylar mirrors? Any companies that ship to Canada? Answer Save. Jay B Lv 4. Hope this helps! Portable Dance Mirrors.

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How to Make Carnival Mirrors

Get answers by asking now.Rosalind Mohammed began writing in She contributes to various websites, specializing in writing about art and design-related topics.

Carnival mirrors, or funhouse mirrors, are a memorable part of a day at the fair for many kids. Carnival mirrors allow children to see themselves in a funny way that ordinary mirrors do not allow. These mirrors can show an image as wider, thinner or wavy.

Carnival mirrors play with the science of reflection through angles and perspective. You can make carnival mirrors at home as a fun craft or an addition to a Halloween haunted house. Remove the original mirrors from the frames you have bought or found.

These will serve as the new frames for your carnival mirrors. Obtain the largest frames possible in relatively the same size. Find at least four frames for your carnival mirror wall. Measure the inside rectangle of each frame. This will dictate how large a piece of Mylar you will require for each mirror. Make a note of each set of figures. Measure and mark with a pen two pieces of Mylar that are 2 inches longer than the frames, and another two pieces that are 2 inches wider than the frames.

Cut all four pieces of Mylar out with a utility knife. Tape the top and bottom of the longer pieces of Mylar to the top and bottom of their respective frames.

Mylar Sheets: Making A Mark As Mirrors In Studios

Leave the middle free. Tape the left and right sides of the remaining two pieces to the left and right sides of their respective frames. Push one of the lengthwise mirrors and one of the widthwise mirrors in, making the surface concave.

how to make a mylar mirror

Pull the remaining two forward, making them convex. These effects will show all different shapes and sizes in the mirrors. Set up a funhouse in your home for a child's birthday by mounting your finished mirrors in the hallway. Replaced the normal light bulbs with funky colored ones and play creepy carnival music for effect.

The effects from carnival mirrors can be disorienting, so warn visitors beforehand in case their children are young or have certain illnesses that may cause anxiety or any other difficulties.

Pin Share Tweet Share Email. A simple household mirror can be transformed into a fun carnival mirror. Step 1.

how to make a mylar mirror

Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Tip Try cutting the Mylar in S-shaped, squiggly or zig-zag patterns for more unique mirror designs. Warning The effects from carnival mirrors can be disorienting, so warn visitors beforehand in case their children are young or have certain illnesses that may cause anxiety or any other difficulties. Carnival Mirror: What is a Carnival Mirror?

Glassless Mirrors: Safety Mirrors for Gyms, Therapy Clinics and Dance Studios

Show Comments.That is why shipping rates are so high. It makes me mad, but there is nothing I have been able to do about it. Josh will process the orders at night after his day job, and they will go out the next day whenever possible. Please give us 3 working days to get the packages out, to allow for life's complications, with babies, wives, and work, along with self employment.

If you need it faster, call and we will do what we can, we can upgrade shipping from ground, but do realize UPS charges alot for faster shipping.

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Our 2 sided mirror sheeting is one of the most reflective products on the market today. Try our product by putting some 1, 2, 4, mil. Its like being in the shade. Or put the 1mil behind your drywall When building a new house.

Attach it to old fashioned window shades to make them bright and modern. Pull them down when you want it, pull it up when you don't. Just put it on the corners, and pull tight to make the film flat.

Please order samples to be sure this is what you want.

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Nielsen Enterprises. The 2 mil is easier to work with to make a mirror, 4 mil is more durable. We also carry clear for storm windows in the winter. Mirrors Makes great photography reflectors. Dance floors.Glassless mirrors are a new mirror technology offering shatter-proof, lightweight, super reflective non-glass construction of reflective metalized optical film tightly stretched across an aluminum frame that offers sharper, brighter reflections than standard glass mirrors.

They are utilized in dance studios, gyms, night clubs, for physical therapy, for theatrical lighting, and in hospitals. Free Shipping. View Details. This new mirror technology offers clearer and brighter high-definition images than glass, acrylic or plastic mirrors. A reflective optical film is vacuum stretched around an aluminum frame to form a mirror, and the raised lip of the frame helps provide a 'dead-air' space between the polyurethane rigid foam core inside the frame and the back of the metalized film.

Because of the many beneficial properties of glassless mirrors such as their lighter weight, brighter and clearer definition, lack of distortion, shatterproof construction, acoustical dampening properties and easy installation, glassless mirrors are utilized in a myriad of applications. Some examples include dressing rooms, stage productions and scenery, merchandising displays, fashion shows, playrooms, lobbies, ceilings, dance studios, commercial gyms, public restrooms, casinos, night clubs, physical therapy, schools, nursing homes, theatrical lighting, and hospitals.

Order Online or Tap to Call: Customer Service: Trusted byCustomers Since Your Cart: 0 items. Learn more about Glassless Mirrors. Expand to Learn More. Narrow Your Results:. Top Seller 1.

how to make a mylar mirror

Glassless Mirrors. Top Seller 2. Glassless Tri-Fold Mirrors.

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Top Seller 3. Glassless Bi-Fold Mirror. Accessories and Stands for Glassless Mirrors.

How To Make Parabolic Mirrors From emergency blanket & trash can lid

What is a Glassless Mirror? Lightweight: A glassless mirror is a fraction of the weight of a typical glass mirror, whereas a 48 inch by 72 inch glass mirror can weigh approximately 72 pounds, a similar sized glassless mirror will weigh approximately 10 pounds. The significantly lighter weight of glassless mirrors makes them easy to transport and attach to walls.

Thermal insulation: The polyurethane foam within the frame has an "R" value of 3. Combined with the reflective quality of the optical film and the 'dead air space' between the foam and the film, a glassless mirror panel offers a positive thermal insulator value, unlike the hard, solid glass of regular mirrors. Shatterproof: Since no glass is used in glassless mirrors, there is no breakage of the mirror surface, and no dangerous sharp shards of glass. Also, due to its construction of being lightweight and having a soft surface, a glassless mirror is able to withstand strong vibrations and shocks that might crack or break a more solid glass mirror.

Acoustical dampening properties: Due to the structural nature with the foam backing and soft optical film, a glassless mirror will tend to absorb sound. As the sound frequency range grows higher, the glassless mirror panel becomes particularly effective for such events as schools or public gathering places, unlike a hard polished surface of a glass mirror which will not absorb sound, but instead will repel it back.Forums New posts Search forums Guidelines Advertising.

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Anyone here ever make a mylar mirror? Thread starter Coach Jen Start date Jul 7, Coach Jen New Member. I've seen the screen frame option, but I am thinking I would rather use a lightweight hardboard and glue the mylar on if possible. A proper mirror is out of the question due to cost and because we can't mount things on the wall.

It's a borrowed practice space. That lets out mirrored tiles as well. Thanks for any input you might have. Welcome to DF, Jen. I have not tried it myself, but based on other times I've used mylar, and a little quick research, it seems the distortion would quickly become too frsutrating to make make use of the view in the mirror.

Robin12 New Member. I might suggest instead of hardboard, use one of those polystyrene balls available at the craft shops. Joe Well-Known Member. You will soon be annoyed by the imperfections in the surface as you will be unlikely to glue it down flat.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what.

Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities.

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We will get through this together. Updated: October 15, References. To make a mirror, remove the glass panel from a picture frame and clean it thoroughly with rubbing alcohol.

Then, spray the panel with mirror-effect spray paint, let it dry, and put the mirror back in the frame. Mirrors are an important fixture above dressers, vanities, and bathroom sinks. Sometimes, you can't find that perfect mirror, either because you can't find one that's the right size or has a design you like. Instead of settling for one that you don't like, you can always make your own out of a glass panel from a picture frame and special mirror-effect spray paint. Mirror-effect spray paint is glossier and more reflective than standard silver spray paint, making it ideal for creating unique mirrors.

Peter Salerno. If you can't get your mirror centered on a wall, try a Cleat system. A Cleat system also works for heavier objects and is similar to a Z bar or extruded aluminum cleat. You don't want to hang a pound mirror on a half-inch drywall just to center it where you want it, but you can use a Cleat system. To make a mirror, take the glass panel out of a picture frame and clean it well with rubbing alcohol, then lay it on sheets of newspaper in a well-ventilated area.

Spray an even coating of a mirror-effect spray on one side of the glass. Allow the first coat to dry for about a minute, then repeat the process until you have about 5 coats of paint in total. Let the glass finish drying for 10 minutes, then place it back into the picture frame and secure the cardboard backing.

To learn how to make a mirror that looks like it has a spooky face trapped inside, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading Civic Loading No account yet? Create an account.

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Article Edit. Learn why people trust wikiHow. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.Construction of a Mylar Mirror Following are instructions for the construction of a mirror using reflective Mylar sheeting. The steel track and angle used to make the frame: Aluminum foil tape: Instructions: Cut four pieces of steel track according to the dimensions of your desired mirror. Note: the maximum dimensions are 2 inches less than the dimensions of your Mylar sheet.

Arrange them in a square with the open part of the track facing inward and the corners overlapping. Secure the corners with clamps and measure side to side in both directions to ensure that the sides are parallel. Measure diagonally from corner to corner to ensure that the frame is square.

Secure each corner with a rivet. Mark the middle of each side and cut a piece of angle trim to fit diagonally between each mark. You might have to cut a piece off the end of the angle to get the corner to fit inside the track. Double check the squareness of the frame and then cut four pieces of angle trim and attach them inside the track using rivets. Flip the frame over and insert a rivet into the other side of each corner. The completed frame:.

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Lay the frame down with the angle trim on the top. Center the sheet on top of the frame. Secure the middle of one side of the sheet to the frame using a short piece of masking tape.

Go to the opposite side and secure the middle with masking tape stretching the sheet as tight as possible. Do the same across the other two sides and then continue to add pieces of masking tape working evenly towards the corners.

Pull the sheet as tight as possible with each piece of tape. As you progress you should start to see a clear cross shaped section on the sheet.

When you have worked all the way out to the corners the sheet should be flat and tight. Check that the tapes are all tight and there are no wrinkles in the sheet.

Then cover the entire perimeter of the mirror with aluminum tape. Two completed mirrors. They will be attached to the wall using angle brackets and sheet metal screw. Nielsen Enterprises. The completed frame: Lay the frame down with the angle trim on the top.


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